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01/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Too Much Work--Assistance on the Way!"

When I first launched this Blog, just three short months ago, work was slow and I found myself with plenty of time for this new endeavor. The good news is that things have quickly changed and I'm now working on several projects concurrently. Some of these are large projects, others are small. The bad news is that it's becoming increasingly difficult to spend what little free time I have in front of the computer--since my entire work day involves computer development.

More good news: Maggie Sokolik has graciously offered to help out. I've added her as a co-author and she'll be adding regular posts to this blog until I find some time to get back into the swing of things, or until she finds herself overly swamped as well.

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This blogging business looks pretty good and I think it should help me to motivate my students at school a lot to use technology in their writing endeavours. I was trying to send this as a posting rather than as a comment, but no "new posting" facility was visible except the "comment" one.

Jim and Maggie, thanks for pointing the idea out.
Cheers from a colleague in Corfu Town, Greece.

Damianopoulos A. Damianos
Hellenic Open University M.Ed. TESOL student
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
2nd Junior High School Corfu Greece
E-mail: damker@otenet.gr
WWW: http://users.otenet.gr/~damker (Virtual English Classroom)

Posted by Damianos D. Damianopoulos @ 02/04/2003 03:47 AM PST

Thanks for your note, Damian. In fact, you are right--the only way for guests to contribute to this blog is in the form of comments. In a classroom situation, you could add your students as co-authors and give them as many editing priviliges as you see fit (you'd probably want to limit their ability to edit others' posts).

Of course, there are many types of blogging software, so the one you choose may very well differ in this regard.

Posted by Jim Duber @ 02/04/2003 08:57 AM PST

In fact, my students did just that. You can look at their work at http://sinclairjungle.blogspot.com.
They participated in an collaborative blog, discussing Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation.

Posted by Maggie Sokolik @ 02/04/2003 01:47 PM PST

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