Jim Duber on CALL (archives)


02/24/2005: News: Media Blog and Other Updates
11/15/2004: Instructor Guide and Introductions
10/29/2004: LetsTalk (audio/video) discussions now open!
07/12/2004: How to Check and Adjust Your Microphone (for FCS apps)
06/30/2004: Camera/Microphone Permissions and Flash Communications Server Applications (Demo)
06/14/2004: Finally, some updates: duber dot com: Voice Mail--version 1.5c Demo
02/15/2004: Project We Say Tomato at 100!
01/19/2004: Recent Online Siting: Another "Speech Accent Archive"
11/15/2003: Project We Say Tomato: How-To Video
11/05/2003: Project We Say Tomato: Audio Samples
10/29/2003: Project We Say Tomato (Phase I)
09/29/2003: Second Round of Audio Replies to FlashCom Demo (and Translation Challenge)
09/24/2003: First Round of Audio Replies to FlashCom Demo
09/10/2003: Web-Based Voice Recording/Playback--FlashCom Demo
08/22/2003: Live Online Conference Center: Seeking Beta Testers
05/16/2003: What's the TEACH Act?
03/24/2003: What's Doing at ETS?
02/04/2003: C'est dommage....
01/19/2003: Off We Go
01/16/2003: Too Much Work--Assistance on the Way!
12/22/2002: New Google Goodies, One Word & Season's Greetings
12/03/2002: UC Berkeley SF Extension ELP Closing
11/23/2002: Scripting Resources for Hypertext Research
11/15/2002: More CALL Utilities: Paralinguistic Basics Toolkit (v. 1.0)
11/14/2002: MM Contribute--new online Content Manager Tool boasts ease of use
11/14/2002: Video Portfolio Updates (Flash MX Samples)
11/01/2002: New EFL Blog Sighting (pun intended)
10/28/2002: ESL Grammar: Online Video "Chalk 'n Talk"
10/22/2002: Flash MX Video Samples
10/22/2002: Archived ALR Articles on CALL now online
10/11/2002: CALL Search Utility: FlashMX Demo
10/11/2002: CALL: Blog Launch

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