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Instructor Guide

For the benefit of teachers, we provide here a few procedural suggestions for making best use of the LetsTalk discussion activities with your classroom-based ESL/EFL students.

IMPORTANT NOTE : It is not advisable that teachers direct groups of students (3 or more) to this series of LetsTalk discussions at once as we have placed restrictions on the number of simultaneous connections allowed.

For less restrictive class-based usage of the LetsTalk discussions, please consider using our fee-based development services. Contact LetsTalkRequests@duber.com for details on licensing a private, customized version for your class and/or school.

Prepare Your Students:

Start by directing your students to the LetsTalk home page. Help them to understand the user agreement and show them around the website so that they can find the Current Discussions and use the help resources on their own. In particular, teachers are advised to explain, and if possible, demonstrate the following:

A. Viewing Discussions:

In addition to making sure students know to access the discussion forums, it's suggested that instructors show students:

  1. how to change topics with the Topic Menu

  2. how to "scroll down to read previous messages" in the forums:
    • click the up/down arrows to scroll slowly in either direction
    • drag the scroller to move quickly in either direction
    • click in the scroll track to move one screen-at-a-time
  3. what the various sections of a post contain:
    • the message number: poster's name: message title
    • date and time of post
    • text message
    • audio or video content
  4. how to control the audio/video streams--review the controls for:
    • play/pause/rewind
    • volume settings
    • seek to specific time

    (See "basic requirements" for more details)

B. Adding to Discussions:

Ask your students to browse through several of the previous entries in each discussion forum before they add a new post. In preparing them to add successful postings, it's generally advisable to encourage students to speak naturally with no or few notes. We suggest that instructors demonstrate the following:

how to add a new post:
a) first make sure that you're in the correct forum by checking the "Topic Menu"
b) click "Add a Message" and "Allow" access to camera/microphone in privacy panel if asked
c) enter a Name, Title and Text for the message
d) select the proper media option (audio or audio & video)
e) check the settings are working (audio levels & video preview show status)
f) adjust "mic" or "cam" settings if necessary
   (note: it's best to set the "Record Volume" towards the high end)
g) press "Record" to start recording
h) press "Stop" to stop recording
i) press "Play" to preview recording

     option 1: press "Record" to begin again and revise your recording;
     this will erase the original recording and create a new one
     option 2: press "Add It!" to add your message to the forum
     option 3: press "Forget It!" to cancel and delete your recording and return to the message list.

(See "help recording" for more details)


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