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Help Recording

It's easy to add an audio or video recording to a new LetsTalk message. Click the "Add New Entry" button and then follow the instructions. Sometimes you will need to change audio and/or video settings on your computer in order for the LetsTalk recorder to work with your computer and microphone or video camera. This section describes how to make those changes.

Part A: Setting Audio Input (note: you can try it now)
Part B: Setting Video Input (note: you can try it now)
Part C: Making and Revising a Recording

A) Setting Audio Input

  1. Click the "Mic" settings button to bring up the Microphone Settings Panel.
  2. Look for changing volume in the level meter, which indicates that your microphone is working. If there is no movement in the levels, continue with the next steps until you see movement.
  3. Click on the Microphone Selector Menu (at the top of the Settings Panel) in order to see the choice of microphone input devices available on your computer.
  4. Select a different microphone choice from the Microphone Selector Menu and look for changing volume levels. Repeat this step for all devices listed in the menu until you see the level meter moving.

  5. (Screenshot of Sample Microphone Menu--here I'm choosing my MOTU 828 audio device.)

  6. Adjust the "Record Volume" slider so that for most of the time, the meter is in the yellow area near the top of the range. It is very important to set your volume correctly so that others can hear you. While setting the volume, speak into the microphone and set the slider as described here.

  7. Click the "Close" button after you finish setting your audio input. Try it now:

B) Setting Video Input

(Screenshot of Sample Recording:
Notice how audio and video inputs are clearly working correctly.)

    1. Click the "Cam" button to bring up the Camera Settings Panel.
    2. Click the blue box with the image of a webcam to check if your camera is working.
    3. If your camera is working, you will see your video image inside the blue box.

        (Here I've chosen my iSight camera--"IIDC Firewire Video" and
        have clicked on the blue box to check it. It's working as you can see,
        but what a strange name for the iSight camera!)

    4. If you don't see a video image, click on the Camera Selector Menu (at the top of the Settings Panel) in order to see the choice of camera input devices available on your computer.
    5. Select a different camera choice from the Camera Selector Menu and repeat Steps #2-5 until you see a video image.

    6. Click the "Close" button after you finish setting your camera input. Try it now:

C) Making and Revising a Recording--how to add a new message:

  1. first make sure that you're in the correct forum by checking the "Topic Menu".
  2. click "Add a Message" and if necessary be sure to press "Allow" when asked for access to your camera and microphone.
  3. enter your Name, a Title and Text content for the message.
  4. select the proper media option (audio or audio & video).
  5. check the settings are working (audio levels & video preview show status--see above).
  6. adjust "mic" or "cam" settings if necessary
    (note: it's best to set the "Record Volume" towards the high end--see above).
  7. press "Record" to start recording.
  8. press "Stop" to stop recording.
  9. press "Play" to preview recording.
  10. decide what to do with your recording:

         option A: press "Record" to begin again and revise this recording;
         this will erase the original recording and create a new one.
         option B: press "Add It! " to add your message to the forum.
         option C: press "Forget It! " to cancel and delete your recording and return to the message list.


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