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Help Connecting

Connecting to a LetsTalk discussion forum is usually quick and automatic. There is a connection light in each forum that shows the status of the connection: the light turns green when the connection is good; it turns yellow when the connection is slow; and, it turns red when the connection is lost.

Some users might have problems connecting. This is usually due to two possible reasons:

  1. Proxy Server/Firewall Setup:
    If your connection to the Internet is behind certain types of proxy servers and/or firewalls, your connection to the LetsTalk forums may take slightly longer than normal to begin, or it might not be able to connect at all.
  1. Too Many Users:
    On rare occasions, you may not be able to connect to the LetsTalk forums because of server overload. If there are too many users in the LetsTalk forums at the same time, the server will not allow new connections. Please try again later.


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